Did you march in a drum corps from the Philadelphia Region. Corps like The Bordentown Little Devils, The Earls of Bucks (The Pennsylvanians or the Pennsylvania Brigadiers), The Bracken Cavaliers, Black Watch, Shadettes, Audobon Bon Bons, Royalaires, South Jersey Vagabonds, Yearsley Cadets, Reilly Raiders, Acher Epler Musketeers, The Media Fawns, or any of the other multitude of corps from the past. Then you should check out The Alumni Breakfast Club.
The Alumni Breakfast Club was started several years ago by a small group of alumni  the Madison Scouts. They met for breakfast in the Madison area. And as usua,l when alums get together the conversation, exaggerations, and flawed memories flows, affirming once again the joy of being part of a unique fellowship.
From that meeting a simple idea grew and they started inviting their friends from other corps and it has grown into what is now the Alumni Breakfast Club, or ABC for short. They are not affiliated with any drum corps. Just a bunch of friends and former competitors sharing their experiences. While The Alumni Breakfast Club is a social group, they have a larger goal of developing new and positive communications so ideas and activities can be generated and friendships rekindled all across the land.
This concept is starting to take off around the country and the UK (which includes at this time, over 70 different corps alumni). 

We thought it would be a great idea to strat one for the Philadelphia area corps. We would like to start it up for those who marched in any corps from any time period, Pre DCI, DCI, Pre DCA, DCA from the Philadelphia area. Doesn't matter where or when you marched, all are welcome. 

We will be hold the first Alumni Breakfast Club Philadelphia Region on June 4, 2021. We will meet at the Golden Eagle Diner on the corner of Rt 13 and Bath Street (300 Bristol Pike Bristol PA for the GPS) on the first Friday of every month. 
We would share corps history, war stories and the fun times we had. We can honor a different corps each month, talk about their history, see pictures, play some drum corps history and possibly have a guest speaker come every once in a while.
Go to The Alumni Breakfast Club on Facebook to find out more about them. 
The Alumni Breakfast Club is developing a new webpage for both the Alumni Breakfast Club and the Alumni Breakfast Club Philadelphia Region.  there you will find interesting stories about drum corps and individuals who made contributions to the activity, trivia, fun facts, and media files to enjoy. Do you have an interesting story to share? Don't be bashful and please send it to lsigg@ charter.net or brackendirector@gmail.com.

So how does one become a part of the Alumni Breakfast Club? Click the button below and give us your e-mail address or go to Brackens FB page and ask to sign up.

Lets have some fun together,
Phil Bigelow
Director/Board Vice President
Bracken Cavaliers Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps

For more information on The Alumni Breakfast Club - Click the button below

Meanwhile lets play some Drum Corps Trivia.

Trivia is a great way to have fun. We invite all to join in, try to answer the question. Some will be easy, some a little harder. All questions will be referring to Old time Drum Corps, Pre DCI, Pre DCA, DCI the early days and DCA the early days as well as general drum corps questions. So put on your thinking caps and no cheating.

April Trivia

When DCI formed the American Legion and VFW Championships continued for many years. They lost significance and the Corps participation dwindled. This leads to the following questions.
1) What year was the last American Legion Championship Held? What city was it held in? Who won the junior division championship.
2) What year was the last VFW Championship? What City and who won the junior division?

March Trivia

In the history of DCI there was only one championship held for the Associate Corps (12-25).
1) What year and in what stadium did this take place?

2) Who won?

February Trivia
1. Name the corps who won the very first DCA competition and where it was held.
Answer: The first ever DCA show was held on June 6, 1964 in New Haven Ct.The Skyliners beat the Yankee Rebels by eight tenths of a point.

2. Who won the first DCA championship and where was that held?
Answer: The first DCA Championship was held on September 11, 1965 in Milford CT.
The Reading Buccaneers won.  

January Trivia
DCA started in the early 1960s.
1) What year did DCA organize?
2) Who were the original Charter Members?

1) DCA was organized in September 1963.

2) The seven corps that were designated charter members are:
the Reading Buccaneers, Connecticut Hurricanes, The Interstatesmen.
The Archer – Epler Musketeers, The Pittsburgh Rockets, The Yankee Rebels, and
The New York Skyliners.

December Trivia
1) This very popular senior corps produced one of the most memorable drum corps shows ever in 1969, with its’ Civil War themed “Requiem for an Era”. Can you name the corps?
2)Can you name the three principal designers (brass, visual and percussion), who were responsible for the creation of “Requiem for an Era”

1) 1969 Yankee Rebels
2) The great Truman Crawford on brass, Chicago’s Rick Maass on visual, and innovative Rod Goodhart on Percussion.